It’s easy to pay lip service to the environment but from the outset we’ve been genuinely dedicated to reducing our impact where ever we can. It’s why the Olympics chose us to produce their print and it still forms a fundamental pillar of our business
— Ben Manning, Production Director

Since our inception since 1986, we’ve been mindful of the environment and the impact we have as a printing business on the world around us. It’s because of this that we chose, before many others, to embrace digital printing over traditional litho printing as the waste it produces is significantly lower.

In addition to the merits of digital printing (lower waste, lower use of chemicals, significantly lower use of power and fossil fuels), the business runs, maintains, monitors and continuously improves upon an independently audited ISO14001 certification. In 2018 we reduced our carbon footprint by 20% due to a mixture of investment in better, greener technology and through internal policies and our target going forwards is to beat that again,

Rapidity is also one of the few printers using only FSC certified materials as standard across all wood based printed products. This ensures that any piece of paper we use is not only from managed, sustainable sources but can also be traced back to its origins to ensure credibility.

As part of our environmental management system we encourage sustainability wherever possible and as such pride ourselves on an exceptionally low number of staff who travel to work on fossil fuel based transport.