I’ve been in the trade since I was 15 and let me tell you that was a long time ago! I’m in charge of looking after the certifications at Rapidity and I can tell you no stone is unturned in pursuit of continuous improvement
— Peter Ingram, Compliance Director

Many years of work and commitment to constantly improving our internal systems have resulted in the successful attainment and continuation of our independently audited and industry leading certifications. Rapidity takes pride in all aspects of our business but a dedication to continuous improvement in all areas has resulted in being able to proudly display the following badges.

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The BPIF Colour Quality Management Certification Scheme takes ISO 9001 and adds requirements that are specific to the pre-press and printing process, as well as the colour values and tolerances defined in the ISO 12647 standards. This ensures that Rapidity has implemented colour controls into our production process and throughout our entire business to ensure that we are constantly achieving consistently perfect results for our clients.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here.



ISO9001 sets out the standard for our procedural processes which looks to monitor, react, improve and continuously develop our method for producing and ensuring market leading quality control. It’s the internationally recognised standard for such matters and we have held this independently certified award for many years.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here.



ISO14001 ensures Rapidity has robust controls around the aim of reducing environmental impact where possible and sets out a framework to allow the company to continually improve on those targets. Rapidity takes environmental impact and sustainability very seriously and has held this independently audited certificate for many years.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here.



ISO27001 deals with the ever relevant and exceptionally important controls and procedures around our physical and data security. In addition to dealing with our business continuity planning it also displays our commitment to reviewing and continuously improving our approach to all forms of security. This independently audited certification has been attained and held by Rapidity for many years and forms a key part of the future services we provide in an increasingly data reliant world.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here.



FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensures that Rapidity has full traceability and authority to use, and promote, papers from sustainable forests as determined by the council. As standard, Rapidity only uses paper substrates from sustainable sources but should you wish you are encouraged and entitled to use the FSC logo on your printed publications. This logo is a global sign that the goods within are from sustainable sources and can be traced back to the exact tree that they derived from.

A copy of the certificate can be viewed here.