Web2Print platforms are increasingly popular tools that are created especially for businesses to allow them to autonomously create and manage the print of their own marketing collateral. This technology can automate the production process whilst providing greater control and visibility of campaign delivery and maintaining the highest levels of security and quality.

The portals have a whole host of benefits for you to take advantage of including:

·         Less internal admin involved in the ordering and supply of printed collateral

·         Reduced costs – users can be assigned budgets to avoid over-spending

·         Automated print production

·         Branding cannot be tampered with, meaning that all collateral is consistent

·         Less waste – only order what is needed

·         Varied user permissions can be set

·         Transparent management reports are easily accessible

·         Sites can be designed to by used by a handful of employees or a team of thousands

Want to know more?

We are trusted by reputable businesses across the capital to configure their bespoke online ordering systems. If you want to learn more about Web2Print and how we can help, please click here.

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