Want to cut your print into different shapes or sizes? Die cutting is the finish for you! This technique is fantastic for creating bespoke, eye-catching products in a shape that is entirely unique to you.

Die cutting can be particularly useful if you are looking to increase brand awareness, as the process provides the ability to cut your product into the shape of your logo or motif, creating instant recognition amongst your audience.

How does it work?

Die cutting technology traditionally sees the manufacture of a steel blade that is shaped according to your required design – like a cookie-cutter. The die-cutter then stamps and cuts out the shape on your print.

At Rapidity, we use industry-leading machinery to achieve this effect – it is a little different from the cookie-cutter approach. Our robotic, highly automated, precision cutting flatbed allows us to cut, crease, mill, drill, etch, v-cut and just about do anything to the high-quality print we produce. This cutting bed reads pre-printed barcodes and registration marks via an intelligent in-built camera and goes about cutting the print to the highest standards.

This machine enables us to cut at high precision as well as produce one off and short run pieces such as packaging, cut foam, cut lettering and generally anything you can think of!


Die cutting has a vast range of uses and works very well on:

  • Promotional items

  • Corporate event invitations

  • Folders

  • Gift boxes

  • Door hangers

  • Business cards

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about how you can utilise this high-impact finishing technique, contact our team today!

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