We’ve spent many years researching, and investing in, the most uptodate technology for our customers. We can’t put every single piece of our equipment on this site as it would probably break the internet but here is a run down of our most prominent print technology.

The company ethos is to provide a service above all else and as such we aren’t restricted by the kit we have (the industry is just too big to have every piece of equipment under one roof) so if you’re looking for something that isn’t here the chances are we already have a supply line setup with someone that does. Get in touch to find out more.


HP Indigo 12000

The ‘Daddy’ of all colour digital presses ever made. This B2 format (500 x 700mm) press enables us to produce the highest quality digital print at the shortest of run lengths and deadlines. The press has the capability to print with white ink (great for stickers or when used on a dark paper like black card for example) and fluroescent inks as well as the ability to print onto plastics and thick substrates such as folding box board.


HP Indigo 7900

Two of these ‘work horses’ reside in our state of the art factory and allow us to produce a high volume of printing at the highest levels of quality. The sheet size is SRA3 (330 x 480) which is perfect for smaller jobs such as business cards, leaflets, booklets and much more. The presses have the same capability as the HP Indigo 12000 and can therefore print with white ink, metallic ink, thick substrates, dark substrates, plastics and much more.



This pocket rocket of a press has a long sheet that can stretch to an amazing 330 x 700mm. Great for A4 landscape books, 6pp A4 roll folds and pocketed folders. The press has an outstanding colour reproduction and really shines on coated materials such as silk and gloss paper.


Canon varioprint 6320

This beast produces mono printing (black and white to us normal people) at an incredible rate. Preferred for work such as training manuals, education materials, financial documents, transactional documents such as mailings and other items such as exam papers this mono press out-performs every time.



This flagship machine from Oce/Canon enables us to produce high quality display graphics at an exceptional speed. This ‘flat-bed’ machine allows us to print direct-to-substrate on almost any material (paper, card, foamboard, wood, ceramic, glass, plastic and much more) upto a massive 3 x 2m!

In addition to outstanding colour printing it can print white and clear ink great for window vinyls, stickers and packaging. The machine can also print onto a roll of material upto 2.2m wide.


Esko Kongsberg xn44

Our robotic, highly automated, precision cutting flatbed allows us to cut, crease, mill, drill, etch, v-cut and just about do anything to the high quality print we produce. This cutting bed reads pre-printed barcodes and registration marks via an intelligent in-built camera and goes about cutting the print to the highest standards.

This machine enables us to cut at high precision as well as produce one off and short run pieces such as packaging, cut foam, cut lettering and generally anything you can think of!


Canon colorado 1640

The first one in London takes pride of place in our display department and produces high quality soft signage all. day. long! Printing to a width of 1640mm (the name is a giveaway!) this machine specialises in roller banners, PVC banners, pop-up display system print, posters and pretty much anything that isn’t ‘rigid’.

The ultra fast machine uses minimal heat which in turn ensures the print doesn’t shrink or mis-form during the printing process. This is critical when produces wallpaper and other graphics for walls, windows and so on.


Heidelberg CYLINDER

It is absolutely true that there is no better way to die cut (the process of cutting shapes irregular shapes from print) than the machines made decades ago. Cutting and creasing takes place on our converted letterpresses made by the world famous Heidelberg. Die cutting ensures a quality finish with a true crease and is great for pocketed folders, packaging, tags, labels and anything that can’t be cut square.



They just don’t make ‘em like they used to! Our converted ‘windmill’ platen made by Heidelberg allows us to die cut as well as deboss, emboss and foil block. Customers love our ability to produce print of the highest order and foil blocking has never been in more demand.

This machine can work with sheets upto SRA3 sheet sizes (320 x 460mm) and is great for invites, business cards, small folders, labels and anything else you can imagine.


Horizon bq 470 Perfect BINDER

State of the art perfect binder for short to medium run ‘soft bound’ books. This high speed high quality binder is used for many documents where paginations are above what can be bound in a booklet style.



This top industry booklet maker excels in many areas not only its speed and quality. In addition to its main attributes, the machine can bind books in landscape mode (an increasingly popular format) as well as utilising an innovative variable sheet feeder which allows books of varying pagination to be stitched at the same time.


Foliant Mercury 520 Laminator and digital foiler