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As the leading printer of business cards for reputable corporations across the capital, we know a good business card when we see one!

Business cards are a pocket-sized representation of your brand, so it is essential that you take great care in optimising the look and feel. What’s more, studies have confirmed that 72% of people judge a company based on the quality of their business cards and 39% would avoid doing business with a company that had ‘cheap-looking’ cards.[i]

This, combined with the fact that your business card is competing with a vast number of others, should be enough to make you eager to ensure that your cards stand out amongst the rest. Here, we’ve given you a few pointers on how you can make your business cards truly memorable…


The overall design of your business card will have a tremendous impact on how memorable it is. Ensuring that the design is on brand and uses complimentary colours are important things to consider. Simplicity is key. Avoid incorporating over-complicated designs and overcrowding as this can look chaotic and be distracting.


It is important that the content on your business card is legible, so sticking to simple fonts and avoiding elaborate ones is vital. Remember, you’re providing your company’s key contact details, so it’s important that numbers and lettering are easy to read.


There are so many different finishing techniques that will make your business card stand out amongst others. Adding a touch of spot UV or foil blocking will increase visual engagement and add an extra dimension to your card.


Altering the shape of your business card and straying from the traditional rectangular template will certainly increase individuality and give your company added flair. Square business cards can look really effective or why not try rounding off the corners?


Flimsy business cards are a BIG no go, as these can become creased and crumpled very easily. It is worth experimenting with lots of different paper stocks to ensure that you get the feel and durability you require.

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