With the increasing consumer expectation for personalised and highly targeted communications, businesses have had to adapt their communication strategies accordingly.

In the print world, the emergence and advancements of digital technology has seen the channel become more interactive, engaging and flexible. In this post, we look at several of the benefits that digital printing has to offer…


Personalisation is a key benefit of digital print. This feature allows the creation of bespoke, variable communications that are tailored completely to suit the profile of the individual customer. Collateral can be personalised according to the name, gender, demographics and purchase history of the intended recipient. By incorporating personalisation into your print, you are able to drive higher response and engagement rates – plus, it does wonders for brand loyalty!

Shorter Runs

Unlike its offset litho counterpart, digital print allows the production of short runs, meaning that you can produce just a handful of material without it being economically detrimental. This is great news if you wanted to target a smaller segment of your customer base. 

Environmentally Friendly

Digital print is better for the environment due to reduced wastage, less run time, fewer harsh chemicals!

Quick Turnarounds

Digital print requires much less set-up time than more traditional printing methods, which require the production of plates and employ a rigorous set-up process. The entire method is dramatically simplified, allowing timescales to be reduced.

Cost Effective

Last but CERTAINLY not least, digital print is more cost effective than traditional methods due to the reduced amount of waste it produces, faster set-up and fewer operators, meaning that there are ample savings to be made.

Want to know more?

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